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Brand Introduction
CT Micro International, Inc. is a customer-oriented, technology-driven company. CT Micro was founded with a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology and building it into our products and solutions that can then be implemented into our customers' most demanding applications worldwide. CT Micro is a team of highly skilled and skilled professionals dedicated to the design, marketing and sales of optoelectronic and discrete MOSFET products. All top management and technical team members have over 15 years of product knowledge and therefore can help realize any design, from component selection to actual finished product implementation, with minimum effort and time. In some end markets, the application segment serves consumer electronics, industrial and household appliances. Understanding that any application and product requires matching quality components, CT Micro implements strict design requirements for all of our new products, as well as world-class quality control during our manufacturing processes. For us, creating reliable and efficient products is just a way for us to demonstrate our responsibility to our customers, society and the world.
Product Series
Application Areas
Consumer Electronics
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