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Brand Introduction
National Engineering Research Center of Beijing CapitalBio Group Co. Ltd. and Boao biochip (referred to as the "Boao biological") in September 30, 2000 in the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Ministry of health and Beijing city leaders care and support, based in Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA set up a joint China Academy of Medical Sciences, registration. Its predecessor was Tsinghua University biochip research and development center. In 2014, the Boao biological development, formed 4 Research Institute (Translational Medicine Research Institute, Institute of Health Sciences, engineering transformation, Research Institute of Biomedical Information Research Institute), 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries (Beijing Boao crystal code Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Beijing Boao limited medical examination, health science and Technology (Boao Yiheshanzhuang Beijing) Co. Ltd., Dongguan Boao wood Gene Technology Co., Chengdu Boao Xinjing Medical Technology Co Ltd) the group operating framework. As one of the members of the Tsinghua holdings company, Boao biological committed to life science and medical integration (including the prediction, prevention and individualized medical field) to develop and deliver innovative technology products and services, three Research Institute Group headquarters has been the use of independent innovation success of the biological chip and related reagents supplies, equipment, software, database life science services, clinical laboratory services issued five series of dozens of products with independent intellectual property rights and services, including more than ten for the international initiative, the existing more than 200 patents were authorized worldwide.
Product Series
Microfluidic chip and microelectrode chip,
Application Areas
Medical Electronics
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