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Brand Introduction
HGF is our own electronic component brand, manufactured by our own factory. Main products include various packing of high quality Diode, Triode,?Silicon-Controlled Rectifier, etc. Due to our consistent delivery of high quality, competitive price, honesty & mutual-benefit philosophy, we've established our trustworthy reputation among clients both at home and abroad. Most clients have been working with us 5+ years, and once co-op starts, they hardly leave for another. Even if they need some special item from somewhere else, they trust us to inspect & buy for them. And we never fail the trust. We're confident that we'll be your cheering supplier & partner!
Product Series
Diode, Triode,?Silicon-Controlled Rectifier. Various packing includes: TO-92, TO-92L, TO-92S, TO-126,TO-220, TO-251, TO-252, TO-89, TO-23
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation, communications / network traffic / automobiles
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