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Brand Introduction
Shanghai Nan Lin Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the design and research of analog and digital analog hybrid integrated circuits. Natlinear electronics development, products covered by the Holzer device, charging management, audio amplifier, DC/DC, AC/DC, LED driver, voltage detection, ultra low power LDO, high-speed LDO, dual LDO, MOSFET and many other categories of more than and 200 specifications. The sales of power management IC, which is based on the huge sales volume, makes the quality system more perfect and ensures the high performance and high reliability of the products.
Product Series
Holzer devices, charging management, audio power amplifier, DC/DC, AC/DC, white LED drive, voltage detection, ultra-low power LDO, high-speed LDO, dual channel LDO, MOSFET and so on
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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