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Brand Introduction
OKI semiconductor (Oki Semiconductor), founded in October 1, 2008, derives its assets from the semiconductor business segment of Oki Electric Industry Co. (Ltd.). Upon completion, we transferred 95% of our issued shares from Oki Electric to ROHM CO. (LTD.), and we became a new member of the Rohm group. OKI semiconductors focus on using the original technology in ultra low power and high speed and high technology to develop the system, such as the one and only LSI LSI logic LSI (LSI) and system memory. OKI semiconductor will continue to develop and sell products, particularly in three areas: communications and information equipment and automotive, both in the individual and mobile markets. OKI semiconductor can also provide production solutions that utilize its original high voltage CMOS process and its manufacturing services to provide high added value LSI.
Product Series
LCD, memory, micro controller, photoelectric device, power supply, radio frequency and wireless
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / network traffic / cars
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OKI Relevant Information:
In recent years, NOKIA (Nokia) has actively developed various 5G related applications and also actively participates in the standard formulation to help the development of 5G connection technology in the application field of intelligent ports, car networking, intelligent factories and so on. To this end, NOKIA has introduced its own chipset to achieve the miniaturization of base stations and reduce the cost of 5G construction.
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